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Magnolia Chamber of Commerce

To build a united, vibrant business community by enhancing our visibility and promoting our unique mix of enterprises to attract and engage the public.


The Coalition: Magnolia, Queen Anne, and Interbay Neighborhoods

Magnolia/Queen Anne District Council is engaged in community building and shares information about community issues among our member organizations.


Magnolia Safety was created as a place for the Magnolia community to share ways we can work together to make our neighborhood a safer place.

We would like to be a place where people can let us know what projects we could do and support that would help improve our community. was first built as a way to promote stronger traffic calming measures at 32nd Ave W and W Raye St., but it’s clear that there are other things that we need around here to keep us safe.


Magnolia/Interbay/Queen Anne Emergency Preparedness is the website for the Magnolia-Interbay-Queen Anne Emergency Preparedness Committee (MIQA-EPC). Here, residents, SNAP. CERT, Block Watch, Ham Radio Operators, Schools, Educators, members of our faith and business communities learn how to:

  • Prepare to make it through a crisis
  • Volunteer to support MIQA community emergency communication hubs
  • Stay informed during our response to a disaster


Magnolia Neighborhood Block Watch

Block Watch is a program based on the principle that neighbors working together are the first and best line of defense against crime. Block Watch has been shown to be an effective deterrent to crime at the neighborhood level.

The Seattle Police Block Watch Program began in 1972 and has seen significant involvement and success. Seattle has always been recognized for its Block Watch program. Roughly 30% of Seattle neighborhoods are currently involved in Block Watch, compared to a national average of fewer than 11%.

If you are interested in starting a neighborhood block watch in the Magnolia area please fill out the form below:

1. How to start a block watch: Click Here.

2. Install a crime watch sign: Click Here.

3. Keeping an existing block watch active: Click Here.

4. Prepare your neighborhood for disasters: Click Here.


Magnolia Farmers Market

The Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance is committed to supporting and strengthening Washington’s small family farm businesses by creating and operating vibrant, successful neighborhood farmers markets.

To meet our mission we provide effective direct sales sites for our region’s small farmers, while also educating consumers about local farm products and the importance of supporting and preserving local farmland. In addition, we have been at the forefront of advocating for low income benefits programs to ensure equal food access.


Friends of Magnolia Manor Park

Friends of Magnolia Manor Park was formed in 2011 to help implement the community-developed plan for Magnolia Manor Park, including an Off Leach Area (OLA) and P-Patch. Through their stewardship, Friends of Magnolia Manor Park build community by connecting people, plants and animals in recreational activities thereby creating a treasured and sustainable neighborhood gathering place for all.


Friends of Discovery Park

Our purposes are to defend the integrity of Discovery Park; to create and protect there an open space of quiet and tranquility, a sanctuary where the works of man are minimized, appearing to be affected primarily by the forces of nature, a place which emphasizes its natural environment, broad vistas and unspoiled shorelines; and to promote the development of the Park according to a Master Plan responsive to these goals.


Magnolia Historical Society

Initiate interest in Magnolia historical studies and activities throughout the Seattle area. Inspire the Community to acquire a publicly assessable common-use collection of acquisitions and archives; dutifully cared for, those collections will use state of the art technologies and professional services. Invest in Magnolia historical research and cultural heritage to further activities for charitable, literary, and educational purposes and have a sense of enjoyment with hands-on historic projects and work. Encourage a more complete and knowledgeable sense of place through the works and projects of the Magnolia Historical Society.

Seattle Fair Growth

We are community members throughout Seattle who want to ensure that our city is both affordable and livable for everyone. We see our city rapidly deteriorating from unrestrained development, and recognize that HALA, the Grand Bargain, and the 2035 Comprehensive Plan will only accelerate that pace.

Seattle Fair Growth recognizes that growth is coming and believes we must find ways to accommodate growth that:

  • Builds infrastructure “concurrently” to support it. The roads, the transit, the bridges, the bike lanes, the parking, the schools, the utilities
  • Allows all citizens the ability to live within the city limits and not be priced out of the city
  • Encourages a two way conversation between its citizens and policy makers
  • Sustains our environment
  • Maintains our distinct neighborhoods and quality of life

Donate to Seattle Fair Growth here.


Magnolia Library

The Magnolia Branch of The Seattle Public Library has:

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