We are one of the oldest and most consistently active community councils in the City of Seattle. Founded in 1924, our mission is to maintain a vigilant awareness of activities that affect the quality of life in Magnolia and to take appropriate action to promote and protect the interests of the community. The Magnolia Community Council (MCC) identifies and acts on these issues of concern by participating in the public process and by providing funding, management and/or labor for community projects.

Magnolia Community Council Board of Trustees


President - Stephanie Ballard
Magnolia resident

Vice President - David Kaplan
David Kaplan is a long-time resident of Magnolia and life-long community volunteer. David’s community building efforts have included stints as Pacific Northwest Regional Vice-Chair of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), as a commissioner for the Bumbershoot Music and Art Festival, volunteer judge for DECA regional competitions, and work for many other causes and campaigns. He is a recipient of the B’nai B’rith Community Service Award. In addition to a strong belief in service to community, David is also active in his industry. He was the recipient of the CTA Smart Home Leadership Award for 2019. He currently serves the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) as a member of its Small Business Council, Smart Home Division Board, CTA Mentor for start-ups, and as a judge for the CES Innovations Awards.

Treasurer - Mary Hoverson
Magnolia resident

Recording Secretary - Alison Grevstad
Magnolia resident


Lisa Barnes
I moved to Seattle, settling in a very small apartment in an older building on the east side of Magnolia, in 2011 with my partner and daughter. I love the location with its easy access via bicycle both north and south on safe and beautiful pathways. I also very much appreciate the bus lines right outside my door – though, I think it is high time that Metro increase service in Magnolia! The buses going downtown in the morning are packed! Prior to Seattle, I lived in a small mountain town in Arizona; spent a year in Amsterdam; and lived in Portland, OR for
about 17 years. I grew up in Mesa, AZ. I’ve been working at Queen Anne Helpline for about five and a half years. My primary job is working directly with clients who are facing possible eviction or utility shut-off due to temporary financial hardship. I participated for a little over two years on the Magnolia/Queen Anne District Council (serving as Secretary for one year) until the District Councils were dissolved by City Council.

Carol Burton
Magnolia Community Council; Magnolia/Queen Anne District Council; Green Seattle Partnership forest steward; Heron Habitat Helpers; Friends of Magnolia Manor Park and Friends of Smith Cove Park; retired community college instructor after teaching biology and botany for 30 years; resident of Magnolia for 20 years. Served as MCC President 2015

Bruce Carter
Former Chair, Magnolia/Queen Anne District Council; Board Member, Magnolia Community Council; Commissioner, Seattle Ethics & Election Commission; Former Chair, Municipal League of King County; Judge Pro-tem, Seattle Municipal Court (2001-2010); Assistant United States Attorney (federal prosecutor) 1971-2001; 40+-year Magnolia resident.

Valerie Cooper
Valerie is committed to keeping our neighborhood friendly for families and keeps her pulse on education issues. She likes to advocate for our city’s youngest citizens. She serves as a PTA board member at Lawton Elementary

Stephen DeForest
My wife and I returned to Magnolia 11 years ago after a too long hiatus. I was born in Magnolia, attended Magnolia Grade School and Queen Anne High School. Magnolia is a special place, located as it is on a peninsula, but it is also its Achilles heel: access is by 3 bridges, one of which has to be replaced because of its age and earthquake vulnerability. The other two (Dravus and Emerson) are now too often heavily congested. Just consider what it would be like if the Magnolia Bridge traffic had to be re-routed. I had the privilege of serving as President of the Magnolia Community Council in 2012-2015. I am committed to the mission of the MCC, which includes monitoring private and governmental activities/acts that affect the quality of life in Magnolia, and to take appropriate action to protect the interests of our community. During this next year major decisions will be made by  several governments/agencies that will materially, if not profoundly, impact our neighbor route chosen for light rail from downtown to Ballard, the disposition of the Interbay armory site, the replacement of the Magnolia Bridge, the Fort Lawton redevelopment, the recent up-zoning that allows 3 units on one lot, and accommodating the homeless.

Pat Craft                                                                                                                                                                                               Pat Craft is President of the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce, and a Trustee on the Board of the Magnolia Community Council and Windermere Realtor. He has lived in Magnolia for over 18 years, enjoys this wonderful community with his wife and their son. He has been involved in various community efforts over the years. As a Master in Residential Real Estate, he has assisted an extensive variety of clients all over the greater Seattle area, and beyond. Through his work as a Realtor, he has acquired a great deal of insight into design, livability, and what makes for a great Community. He hopes to bring those ideas home to Magnolia. He led the Magnolia Community effort that brought about the installation of a four-way stop next to Albertsons (W. Raye Street and 32nd Avenue West). And, has worked on various traffic safety improvement efforts for W. McGraw Street, and later for the T- intersection of 33rd Avenue West and W. Smith Street. He enjoys contributing to a wide variety of creative and community based improvements including, creating and producing last October’s “Magnolia Halloween Electric Light Parade”. His latest Magnolia Community efforts are centered on the beautification of our Magnolia retail areas, and the quest to rebuild the Magnolia Bridge and as Member of the Neighborhood Advisory Committee to the Site development and Design for the redevelopment of the Albertsons Grocery store site. It is his pleasure to work and participate in this Community.

Stephen Faciszewski
Stephen remains a life-long volunteer. He has held various appointed and elected non-compensated positions, including leadership roles, supporting both extra-professional and community non-profits (e.g., Carpenter's Shelter [Alexandria, U.S.A.]; Denny Place Youth Shelter Board and Fundraising Committee [Seattle, U.S.A.]; Habitat para la Humanidad [Managua, Nicaragua]; and, Social Venture Partners [Seattle,U.S.A.]), serving needs across the broader local-to-global spectrum. Stephen is a disciplined contributor and engaging leader, aspiring that others might view him a competent and committed “team player”. His professional career has spanned diverse roles in technology, the law and built environments, with significant commercial opportunities across numerous industries. While Stephen’s innate character aligns toward entrepreneurial and small business owner, he has held positions within large, multi-national global entities, and, collectively, had direct responsibilities over operations that range from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions.

Leslie Helm
I have lived in Magnolia for 30 years, and have long been interested in helping to protect Magnolia’s beauty while also seeing the area develop a vibrant village and community. Three years ago I launched the Magnolia Trail Community, an organization created to promote the development of a trail connecting Magnolia Village more directly to the marina and a citywide network of trails via a green area along the water front. That effort, long supported by the MCC, received two matching grants from the city worth $50,000 that was used to survey the area, do environmental assessments and begin permit processes. It has recently hit some challenges, but we are continuing to look for ways to make it happen. I recently retired after ten years as reporter for the Los Angeles Times and another ten years as editor of Seattle Business magazine. I am now part of an effort, along with Town Hall founder David Brewster and others, to develop a new website called Post Alley that has the goal of becoming a kind of public square for the exchange of ideas on civic improvement in the Seattle area.

Lynn Hogan
President Magnolia Community Council 2017-2019

Cheryl Jacobs
I have lived in Magnolia for almost 6 years, first as a renter looking for a home, now as a homeowner since 2015. My husband and I are both architects and we have a 8-year- old daughter who attends Lawton Elementary. My home is a very special place to me. I can walk to Discovery Park, the Village, Mounger Pool, Fisherman's Terminal or just around the area to take in the season's flora and fauna. Magnolia has brought me much joy since moving here from Capitol Hill where we owned a townhome for 6 years. At my home I am busy growing all sorts of food including annual vegetables, apples, persimmons and beyond. I take great pride in my little urban farm and spend as much time as I can on it for both my family and community. My work is focused on public buildings, i.e. schools, higher education buildings, and healthcare. I care deeply about how one's built environment plays a role in their lives, so places should give people joy and solace as much as possible. Being a part of the MCC is very important to me as it connects to me the issues of my community, and broadens my mind to the various neighborhood priorities. I am thrilled to see Magnolia evolve, and become a place that is welcoming to all, as it grows with more affordable housing, thriving parks, and well-loved schools.

Matthew Koenig
Magnolia resident

David Moehring
Board Member, Magnolia Community Council (2018-2020); Land Use Committee (2017-2020) including Chair, TreePAC Board (2017-2020), Licensed Architect and American Institute of Architects member (1989-present), National Council of Architectural Registration Boards member, University Capital Planner (2011 at UIC and 2015 at UW), Citizens' Advisory Group to the Illinois Department of Transportation (2010-2015); 4-year Magnolia resident.

Jayson Todd Morris
Jayson Todd Morris is a seasoned a first-person, self-advocate for people with developmental disabilities. Jayson is an active Commissioner that advises Seattle's Mayor, City Council, and City departments about issues of importance to people with disabilities. He sits on the King County Board for Developmental Disabilities. He demonstrated his leadership abilities to be a catalyst for disability's change as a Magnolia resident, owner, and political activist. 

Don Schlosser
Don is a graduate of Ballard High School, BA and MBA from the UW and has lived in Magnolia with his family for past 40 years. Don has worked previously in finance roles for King Broadcasting and a variety of media and software companies. He serves currently as Chief Financial Officer for a clinical stage biotechnology company making low-cost therapeutic biologics for oral delivery. His interests are in transportation, land use issues, the parks (Discovery Park), and has a strong interest in global development issues, having served on staff with Global Partnerships (microfinance) and MicroEnergyCredits (clean energy), as well as on the Boards of Direc-
tors of Casa Latina, Plymouth Investment Committee, and Business Impact Northwest.

Bill Stafford
Bill Stafford received a BA in Economics from Colorado College and a MBA from Columbus University. He moved to Seattle to joined Ford Motor Companies NW regional office. After 5 years he took a position with the City of Seattle budget office and then became Assistant to the Mayor and Government Relations Director under Uhlman, Royer and Rice. He was Deputy Mayor under Mayor Royer. He then became President of the Seattle Trade Alliance, an affiliate of the Seattle Chamber. He has served on many Boards including Woodland Park Zoo, Burke Museum, Children’s Museum, Port Jobs, Chancellors Advisory Committee at Seattle Community College and Governor’s Economic Development Commission. He was awarded Municipal League Public Official award and World Affairs Councils “World Citizen.” He has lived in Magnolia and Queen Anne’s for over 40 years.

Janis Traven
Prior to moving to Magnolia over 30 years ago, I’ve had careers ranging from international consulting and management of clinical trials of investigational drugs to chef proprietor of a carry home cuisine and catering business. Throughout, I’ve always been engaged and passionate about civics, Democratic politics, policy, and community organizing. I’ve helped organize and maintain the Magnolia Bridge Seattle Facebook page and email campaign, which has mobilized the community to send the right message to the right person government at the right time to get the 1:1 replacement of the bridge back on the table. On the personal side, my husband, Mark Linsey, and my drama queen Labradoodle, Latke, are my constant sidekicks. Mark and I are still picking our jaws up off the floor that our son Harrison inherited a deeply, deeply recessive gene for music that got him into Juilliard in his junior year at Garfield, and now is a member of The National Symphony. Harrison is fortunate that we were idiots about music - if we’d known that you have to use very sharp knives and make your own reeds as an oboist, he’d have never touched the instrument in the first place. For fun, we laugh with old friends, attend Seattle Symphony regularly as well as Seattle Rep, SIFF, Town Hall and other cultural assets that our wonderful city offers.


Joe Villarino

Joe Villarino is a rare Magnolia native with over 60 years in the neighborhood. He was born at Ft. Lawton Hospital (now Discovery Park) and a product of local schools through Queen Anne High School. Now retired, he donates his time to his beloved Magnolia community in so many ways.

His experience includes:

  • US Army Veteran; 101st Airborne Division
  • Thirty plus years of experience in Law Enforcement and Private Security Management
  • Chatbot/Web Developer, Mobile App Development, and SEO consultant
  • Donated time to create numerous websites for community-based organizations, non-profit  groups, and local businesses