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Update: Crews begin work on 32nd Avenue West

The week of Jan. 22, construction activities at Smith Cove Park continue as King County’s contractor prepares to connect another pipe to the Magnolia Wet Weather Facility as part of the Magnolia Conveyance Project.

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Crews may work on Saturdays during approved construction hours. 

Typical construction hours:

  • Weekday construction hours from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Saturday construction hours from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Construction activities in Smith Cove Park

Crews will continue to prepare for pipe installation. People visiting the park can expect:

  • Crews accessing the existing pipe via the exit pit in the southwest corner of the Smith Cove Park site
  • Construction equipment located onsite, including a large drill rig near the entrance of the existing pipe
  • Increased noise and vibration in the work area
  • Flaggers and signs to direct traffic and pedestrians around the work zone, as necessary
  • The northern athletic fields remain open for use

Construction activities on 32nd Avenue West

King County’s contractor will begin staging on 32nd Avenue West early in the week. Traffic control will be in place, and delivery of equipment will begin. Depending on progress, crews may start work to access the diversion structure.

Residents on 32nd Ave. W. can expect the following:

  • Street reduced to one lane traffic by the construction area
  • Flaggers and signs to direct traffic and pedestrians around the work zone
  • Construction equipment located onsite including excavators, pumps and trucks
  • Orange construction fencing around the construction area
  • Increased noise from construction equipment

The schedule and duration for construction is tentative and is subject to change as work progresses. We will continue to provide email notices with updates on timing of specific construction activities.

King County will work with the community every step of the way. Find information, get your questions answered, and contact us:

  • Briefings and site visits: We will be working with community groups and neighbors to schedule briefings and site visits. If you would like us to attend your community group meeting or a neighborhood meeting, please feel free to email us.
  • Email updates: We will continue to keep you informed through these email updates about what you can expect during construction.
  • Online open house:· The online open house will be open for you to visit through the spring and will be updated, as needed, to provide an overview of expected construction activities. Please share the online open house with your neighbors who may not be on our email list.
  • Website: We will keep the project web page updated with the most up-to-date information on construction as it becomes available
  • Hotline: We have a 24-hour construction hotline (206-205-5969). You may call with questions and concerns. Please leave a message with your contact number and King County’s team will get back to you.
  • Contact us: Email Monica Van der Vieren ( with your questions.

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