Response from candidate Peter Steinbrueck – September 22, 2017:

Since the Port candidates forum in Magnolia, I met with members of the Shilshole Marina liveaboard community,  and now have a much better understanding of their concerns over parking and add-on moorage fees for liveaboards at Shilshole Marina. I believe the fees should be fair, reasonable, and equitable. If I’m elected to the Port Commission, I will be happy to hold a community forum to hear concerns, and review and consider changes to Shilshole Marina’s liveaboards’ added moorage fees and parking rate structure.

Peter Steinbrueck

Response from candidate Preeti Shridhar – September 20, 2017:

Thanks for the opportunity.

My key considerations are:
1) The first parking decal for long-term moorage customers is free;
2) There will be less parking available during the next two years of construction and therefore supply and demand would affect the fee;
3) Parking fees were raised at the direction of former CEO Ted Fick. Now with a new Executive Director and Maritime Division Director being hired I would want to revisit that decision with them. Primarily I want to know why the fee went up and what the money is being used for.

Based on those factors, I would consult with the two new executives and the marina staff and either roll back the fee immediately or when construction is done.

Preeti Shridhar

Response from candidate Ryan Calkins – September 20, 2017:

Thank you for following up with the question. While this may seem like a fairly simple question, I think it points to a larger question, which is, what role does the Commission play in the day-to-day operations of the Port of Seattle. My philosophy about the Port Commission is that it should play an oversight role, ensuring that the Port, a significant public asset for our region, continues to serve its mission of economic growth and to promote the public good. Commissioners should be providing guidance for the management team of the Port of Seattle. Returning to your question about the rate of the second parking decal for those mooring at Shilshole Marina, my answer would be to request information from Port staff about why the rates had increased so precipitously. If there is a compelling case for why rates needed to increase (for example, to pay for unexpected maintenance costs or to reduce demand), I would support the decision of the Port staff. If there were no compelling reason, and if the rate increase were creating undue hardship for the tenants, I would support reconsideration.

Ryan Calkins

September 19, 2017

Dear Port Commission Candidates,

Thank you for attending our September 12 Forum here in Magnolia presented by the Queen Anne, Ballard, and Magnolia community groups, the Nordic Heritage Museum and The Queen Anne Magnolia News. We appreciate your stepping forward to stand for election to this important post.

At our Forum, we promised the attendees that we would submit unanswered written questions to the appropriate candidates and post the responses on our Magnolia Community Council website. The following question was received for Port Commission candidates: Please respond within a week.

Port Commission candidates:

2nd parking decal at Shilshole was $30 in 2004

2nd parking decal at Shilshole was $65.76 in 2015

2nd parking decal at Shilshole was $240 in 2016

2nd parking decal at Shilshole was $300 in 2017

If you are elected to the port of Seattle will you propose rolling back the second parking decal at Shilshole bay marina to $65?

Thank you,

Bruce D. Carter

Magnolia Community Council

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