August 31

Proposed Temporary Location For Tent City 5: Tsubota Property

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The Port of Seattle is doing its part to address the regions’ homelessness epidemic by partnering with community groups and the City of Seattle by providing needed resources.

The Port is considering making their Tsubota property, located at 1601 15th Ave W, available as a new temporary location for Tent City 5, which is currently located just north in the Interbay neighborhood at 3234 17th Avenue West, between W Dravus and W Bertona. Approximately 70 residents and their small structures and tents would be on the property for up to two years.

The Port of Seattle and the City of Seattle are inviting the public to a meeting on September 6 at the Magnolia Community Center located at 2550 34th Ave West, from 5:30 to 7pm.

The Port of Seattle Commission is taking up the issue during its September 12 meeting, and the City of Seattle will be holding up to two additional public meetings regarding the placement of Tent City 5, should the Commission vote to make the property available.

A Q&A on the proposal is available here, along with a map showing the potential site of Tent City 5. To comment or ask questions about homelessness and encampments, contact (**) or let us know and we will forward them to the appropriate office at the City of Seattle. For comments related to the Port’s participation, please email

(**) The email is experiencing technical difficulties, we have informed their office of the problem.

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