Magnolia Bridge Planning Study

In 2015 voters approved the Levy to Move Seattle, which included funding to identify cost effective solutions for planning and designing 12 bridges. Magnolia Bridge was one of these bridges. A planning study is underway to develop a short-term emergency closure response plan in the event the bridge must be closed. For this plan, we are partnering with key groups including local businesses, Port of Seattle, King County Metro and the Magnolia Community Council to identify the best detour route from the Magnolia Bridge.

In late summer, we’ll seek community input to identify transportation priorities for a permanent solution should the bridge need to be closed permanently. This study will build upon earlier work and recommendations while taking into consideration the evolving transportation needs in the area. Our primary goal throughout the planning study is to identify financially feasible solutions that can be implemented and maintain a similar level of service to the current traffic conditions.

To learn more about the project and how to get involved, visit the City of Seattle Transportation page.

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